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"Before HammerBodies, recovery never even crossed my mind. Now, it's a major consideration of my training – and I've never felt better."
Brian C.
NCAA Div. I basketball

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As an athlete, you work hard, you play hard and you practice hard. So what's the key to being ready to go – at a peak level – when the game starts? Recovery – and it's part of every customized program that HammerBodies prescribes.

When athletes think of nutrition, most think of 'fueling' performance. That's part of it – but 're-fueling' is just as important. Your training, your play, your practice – all of that sweat, energy and performance breaks down muscles and tissues. Food is the key to rebuilding and reenergizing. But not just any food – the right food. And the HammerBodies Performance Nutrition Department will work with you to ensure you have the knowledge to make the right choices.

Not only does the right amount of sleep reenergize your body – it also helps you develop between training sessions. Whether training in-season or off-season, recovery is an essential part of our training programs – from sleep cycling to rest-progression programs. Remember, HammerBodies is a resource for your success – and we make sure every element that could make or break your success is taken into consideration.

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