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Corporate Wellness

"We made a decision to change the wellness culture of our company. We chose Coach Hammer at HammerBodies Custom Fitness. We absolutely made the right decision."
Bill Cooper
Director of Health Risk Management
American Water Company

"Coach: Nearly 10 years ago I made the decision to use HammerBodies as a resource partner. You and your staff have proven to be incredibly reliable and I look forward to our next 10 years together."
Many thanks,
Mike Lueken

Owner & President
General Marine Services Inc.

"Dear Coach: As a corporate guy on the street, I never realized the impact that health and wellness could have on us until after I hired HammerBodies."
Charles P. Gallacher
Chairman of the Board
United Industries, Inc.

Missouri American Water won the 2011 National Wellness Award for the HammerBodies’ Working Healthy Corporate Wellness Program
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On-site Wellness

Hammer-Bodies presents state of the art health and wellness presentations in a lively, up-to-date, accessible format that captures the attention of its audience and stimulates valuable questions and answer sessions. The program consists of clearly-presented information that’s entertaining, informative, relevant and inspiring.

True Customized Programs

All programs are custom designed to fit your company’s needs. After a consultation with your staff and a comprehensive assessment, we build your company’s wellness program.

Hands-on Physical Training

Our university-degreed and nationally certified trainers will teach correct exercise techniques and movement patterns ensuring that individuals get healthier in the safest, most effective manner. Unlike a DVD or internet based exercise program, this personalized training corrects form and movement, answers questions, engages and motivates the employees.

Nutrition Workshops

Our registered dieticians offer both group and team nutrition workshops. The staff develops a nutrition workshop, built specifically to apply content to employee-specific needs such as energy, mental clarity, and overall health, and delivers it on-site to your group.

Wellness Education Classes

Getting and staying healthy requires more than just a little elbow grease and work ethic it requires knowledge. Men and women of all ages get real facts, real instruction and real tips from HammerBodies professional trainers in lively class segments designed to educate, motivate and empower. Our wellness education series covers numerous interesting and timely topics including “what poor nutrition means to your health” to heart disease, stress management, weight control and diabetes.

Educational Materials

Every program is accompanied by a corresponding packet of educational material relating to the information taught. With each physical training class there are detailed exercise instructions with corresponding photographs.

"Our goal is to bring wellness awareness into your organization and to assist in developing a wellness initiative that will be effective for years to come."

Have an interest in learning more about HammerBodies' corporate wellness programs? Contact us at 314-567-3797 or jeff@hammerbodies.com


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